Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reuse (i): Way of Working

Our project has suddenly taken a new path. There are two bits of collateral which I'd recently produced which will now no longer be required. Here are the notes for myself, and anyone else who might be intetested.

Part (i) - Way of Working for an Agile Distributed Team
  • 3 week iterations (all teams starting and ending on the same days)
  • Sprint Planning with the teams (Planning Poker for Stories, hours for tasks)
  • Daily Scrums (3 questions plus "What have your learned?")
  • Prioritised Backlog (Stories for the next-up phases, Use Cases for further out, Epics beyond that)
  • Product Owners own Product Backlog
  • Release Plan (always visible with named internal releases each iteration)
  • Defects, Technical Stories (NFR's) and Technical Risks on the Product Backlog too
  • Cross Functional Teams (UI Designers, Product Owners, Designer / Developers, Testers)
  • Core Services Team (Environments, CM, CI, DBA)
  • Crozz Timezone Teams (no primary location - Scrum Masters could be anywhere)
  • Scrum of Scrums (meeting 2-3 times a week)
  • Demos each iteration with client Acceptance / Signoff
  • Empowered Onsite Clients (but not full time)
  • Retrospectives every Iteration
  • Definition of Done (see part (ii))
  • Automated Integration Tests (captured with Selenium from Wireframes before development)
  • Automated Acceptance Tests / Regression Tests (ensuring "Accepted Functionality never gets lost)
  • IBM RTC for Stories, Tasks, Defects
  • IBM RTC for SCM
  • Hudson for CI
  • Virtual Taskboards (IBM RTC)
  • Each teams Velocity tracked and displayed
  • Product Burnup displayed as Lean Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  • Sprint Burndowns tracked and displayed
  • Teams (Re)Plan and (Re)Estimate every Iteration
  • System Testing within an Iteration
  • Hudson and RTC Radiators (builds and graphs displayed on Screens plus audible feedback from HudsonTracker)
  • Collaborative workspaces (whiteboards, pens, post-its, breakout areas)
  • Regular High Bandwidth COmmunications (Eyecatcher VC Units, MSCommunicator VoIP, desktop sharing)
  • No changes during an Iteration

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