Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hudson and RTC - Cowley 1.0.1 Released

I've had some time recently and managed to get back to looking at my Hudson RTC plugin. I found a lot of things making the 1.0.0 version really unstable and have made some updates and come up with 1.0.1.

To get it and start getting the Hudson build love in your RTC projects visit the project site.

Please let me know too how it works for you - the site has an issue tracker so please log all bugs and RFE's there.

There are some extra features I'm working on for 2.0.0 which hopefully will be along soon including change set parsing (let Hudson know just who's changes sparked a build), personal builds, and automated releases. Watch this space...


Manuel said...

I'm trying to checkout the project on but it seems like the sources are not on? I have tried both the svn and the svn+ssh way. The only things I can see are the root folders and then tags/Release 1.0.1 but no other contents :s points out 2 different maven projects, but I don't see neither of them, and the links are pointing towards the same url.

Could you maybe mail the sources to me?

Kind regards,

Andrew Law said...

Hi Manuel,

I had a look and it seems as if all the code just disappeared from the Kenai SVN repo. I've put it back again now. Take a look and let me know if you can see it.

Cheers, Andrew

Marcel said...

I've changed the plugin and proxy to be able to only checkout the component you want to build in hudson. This will fix duplicate project names on different components, but also to only checkout what you need for your project. At our client we have a huge amount of Components I don't want to checkout for each specific project that needs to be build by hudson/jenkins. It was a small tweak that made all the difference for us. If you would like these changes, please let me know.

Andrew Law said...

HI Marcel.

That's excellent. The easiest way (I guess) is to give you commit privileges on the Kenai project. How would you feel about this?

Carlos Abraham Ulises Bayona Smythe said...

Hi, hey i was trying to use your rtc plugin but I got a problem in this step:
1. Check out the jazz-hudson-scm maven project.
2. Add the following to your maven settings.xml file:

1. Package the plugin with the command "mvn install"

Are the instructions complete? what should I add to the settings.xml file? when I try to build the jazz-hudson-scm project I get this error: 1) Error injecting: org.jvnet.hudson.maven.plugins.hpi.AptCompiler

Andrew Law said...

Hi Carlos. My mistake, I hadn't escaped the HTML in the snippet to add to the Settings.xml file. I've fixed this now. Try again and see if it works.

Let me know how you get on.

Cheers, Andrew

Carlos Abraham Ulises Bayona Smythe said...

hum unfortunately I got an error in the same step... the problem could be that I had to modify the mvn_install_build_toolkit_jars-rtc-v2.0.0.2.bat and the pom file of the "jazz-proxy-common" project to install and use different versions of some of the jars included in the "RTC Build Toolkit Dependencies" because I could´nt find the right versions in the RTC toolkit that you provide, I don´t know if this is to much to ask but could you provide me an already builded plugin? can you send it to my email or something? this will help me a lot.

Andrew Law said...

Hi Carlos, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I can't do as you ask as the RTC cilent jars are licenced differently and you need to download them from the IBM site and accept their licence terms in doing so.

What I guess you need to do is download the client jars in a version which is as close to the one which I have built against ( and then create your own mvn_install_build_toolkit_jars-rtc-v2.x.x.x.bat file (copying the one already provided). To update it, you just need to look for the new versions of the jars in the RTC client bundle and update the bat file accordingly.

Apologies this isn't already done, but I'm not working full time on this plugin any more (although IBM have expressed some interest) and haven't been able to track later versions of TC.

Hope this helps.

Deluan said...

Hi Andrew,

Thanks a lot for your effort! Before going through the trouble of downloading all dependencies and compiling your plugin, I'd like to know if there is any chance it will work with Jenkins and RTC 3.0. Have you tested it already?

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Law said...

Hi @Deluan,

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I'm not using the plugin at the moment - I'm on a different project - so dev has slowed. It should be quite easy to port things to the latest versions however. If you have a try, and need help, please drop me a line. I can also give you commit access to the project if you wish.

Cheers, Andrew