Wednesday, November 11, 2009

STS and RTC – Getting them to Play Nice

We’re developing our new app using Spring 3.0 RC1 and we want the best tools available. We’ve picked the following:

  • SpringSource Tools Suite 2.2.1 (includes Maven 2.x)
  • IBM Rational Team Concert Client
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 1.3.0
  • Emma Plugin 1.4.3
  • Findbugs Plugin 1.3.9
  • PMD Plugin 3.2.6
  • Checkstyle Plugin 5.0.3
  • JDepend Plugin 1.2.1

We want everything to work as seamlessly as possible. This involved getting everything to run on STS.

First we downloaded STS from SpringSource.  Once this was installed (all the defaults selected) we ran the updater to get it up to version 2.2.1 (Help > Check for Updates). We installed all the bits on offer.

Next we installed our code quality tools. In each case we added the Eclipse Update Site for the plugins in question:

Help > Install New Software > Add…

And in each case, we added the plugins (versions at the top of this post.)  I restarted after each plugin install, just to be on the safe side.

Next we added the Oracle Enterprise Pack so we’d have support for Weblogic which is our deployment platform.  Just as before we added the Eclipse Update Site:

Help > Install New Software > Add…

Now for the fiddly bit.  We needed to frig things a little to get the RTC elements working on an Eclipse 3.5 (galileo) platform.  Please note, this is utterly and shamefully based on the fine set of info on

Firstly we needed to download the RTC Client zip (NOT the Installer) from

Once this was downloaded, we unzipped it to a location of our choice. (Desktop is good.)

Next we installed the necessary pre-reqs into STS so the RTC plugins would work.  We again went to Help > Install New Software …

First we installed EMF and DTP. We selected the Galileo site in the  “work with:” drop down

  • To install EMF, we expanded the Modeling category and selected EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK and the _ XSD - XML Schema Definition SDK_ entries
  • To install DTP, we selected the Database Development category
  • We then followed the wizard through to install these features and then restart

Next up was GEF. We selected the Galileo site again:

  • This time we unchecked the “Group items by category” option at the bottom of the wizard
  • And then typed “GEF” in the filter text area.
  • Then we selected the Graphical Editing Framework GEF SDK entry
  • And finally followed the wizard through to install GEF and then restart

Now we were finally ready to install RTC.

  • Firstly we closed STS
  • Then we simply copied the folders contained in our  downloaded and unzipped jazz/client/eclipse/jazz folder (e.g. build, scm, reports, etc.) to the our eclipse/dropins folder of our STS installation
  • Then we restarted STS. The “Wotrk Items” perspective was now available, and we could connect to our Jazz Project areas.


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