Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RSA 7.5.4 and RTC – Getting them to play nice too

Following on from my last post, we’re unfortunately unable to have everyone on a single tools. Our architects and BA’s, who are going to use Rational Software Architect for UML modelling also need access to Rational Team Concert. I had a genius plan that I could install RSA on top of SpringSource Tool Suite or vice versa. No joy I’m afraid. I did however manage to install RTC on top of RSA 7.5.4.  I managed it as follows:

Firstly I obtained RSA 7.5.4 (all 100 gigs of it…).  Then I copied all the zips to my desktop and unzipped them all. NOTE: if you have them unzipped but running from a CD they won’t work. (That’s a free tip for you).

Then I started the IBM Installer. The first thing it did was want to update itself from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 (i.e. the IBM Installer, not RSA.) I let it go off and do its thing. (You might need to go to the “Help” menu item and set your proxy info if you’re behind a firewall at this point).

Once the Installer had updated it let me install RSA 7.5.4 itself. I made sure the RTC 1.0 client was installed. (I don’t know if this made a difference to the later upgrade to, but it’s worth having if you want to follow these steps exactly.)

After the RSA install was finished I was ready to lay my RTC install over it. For this I needed to download the RTC Client Installer (NOT the zip). E.g.:

Once this was downloaded, I unzipped it and started the Installation Manager it contained. I ran through the installation steps, accepting all the defaults until it gave me the chance to either install a new Eclipse Platform (default but wrong) or on top of an existing one (non-default but right). We selected this option and added the path to the RSA eclipse.exe as requested (C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\eclipse.exe is the default).

I then let the rest of the install proceed as normal.

Once it was completed I started up RSA and switched to the newly added “Work Items” perspective and connected to our RTC server.

It worked!

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