Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Using Jython to Start and Stop TPV Logging in WAS 6.0

I'm trying to automate some WAS 6.0 logging for a bout of NFR testnig which is coming my way soon. The plan is that we will use PMI to get all the info we need and use the Tivoli Performance Viewer Logging functionality to save this to file so that we can view it out leisure after the fact. It might have been acceptable to start and stop logging manually if we were able to get access to the Web Admin Console but unfortunately this is off limits to us. I've had to write the following Jython scripts instead.

Start Logging:

Stop Logging:

Note: These scripts were a bit of a nigthmare to write because of the almost complete lack of documentation of the TivoliPerfEngine MBean. However some checking of the xml config files which WAS uses, some cross referencing with the manual UI version of the same steps, and a good dose of trial and error finally bore fruit. I should thank two of my collegues (you know who you are) who helped me with some pointers when I got stuck.

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