Saturday, February 03, 2007

EJB 3.0 Outside the Container, Inside the JVM - Part 3: Wrapping the Model

Welcome to part three of my blog on using EJB3.0 / JPA and Derby inside the JVM. The previous parts can be found here and here.

We're almost ready to go. However, we still need to wrap our domain model with a facade in order to manage interactions with it and prevent any JPA specific code creeping outside the model boundaries. We can do this by placing a session bean in front of our Claim POJO. (Why a session bean when we're not really going to use this within a Java EE container? Aha! Maybe something will come along in a later posting...)

We'll start by creating a new POJO class called ExpensesTrackerService. To make it a Stateless Session bean we simply the @Stateless annotation. We also need to add the following dependency to the project so that we can get the imports needed:

Now we need to provide a means to address and manage the Claim entity. In JPA this is via the EntityManager which we obtain via an EntityManagerFactory

Now that we have an EntityManager we can use it within our CRUD methods. Here:


And here:

Now all we have to do is build our maven project (run the jar:install maven goal) which will also copy the resulting jar containing our wrapped model to the repository. In the next entry we'll use it from within our Swing client

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