Sunday, December 24, 2006

MI6 Mashup

I saw Casino Royale last night and was very impressed; impressed in many ways (especially the Treasury Rep. - anyone who has worked (with)in the British Civil Service knows how close to reality this sometimes seems). But that's not what stuck me.

I was amazed at my reaction to the sequence when Bond has broken into M's apartment to salvage some information from a SIM card he has salvaged. When he plugs it in and some technical wizardry provides him with the location of the last SMS message sent (a suitably exotic Bahamas), the app providing the information had to me the feel of a nice looking mashup combining yahoo maps and some backdoor-access telco data. I even wondered if I could go home and do the same for myself. It reminded me of the (again just ahead of reality) "I know this it's UNIX" bit in Jurassic Park.

The future (as they say) is now. Or maybe a few months away. I wonder if they're really mashing things up down there next to the Thames...

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