Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blog Tagged

[Think] I've been nominated![/Think]

[Do]Walk up to the stage. Time slows down. Sounds recede into the distance.[/Do]

[Think] I must be the exact opposite of the blogger type. Upon getting my first real link from a respectable source (Andy) via a game of blog tag and the click flow it may bring, I have no idea what to write (let alone who to tag). A voice is whipering "keep it simple. don't try to be clever. Definately don't get all puffed up about it". I'm not cut out for this kind of (web 2.0) world... Just read out the card...[/Think]

So the nominations for "Best Drunken Conversation Starter in a Starring Role (in my life) are...
  1. My personal myth states that I decided I didn't want to be a vet when no a hot day's work experience a sheeps cancerous testicle the size of a large mango was cut open in front of me and a pea green soup like substance cascaded out, followed closely by a barrelling smell of decay. But...
  2. I have no sense of smell (guess that puts number one into perspective). However, when something is really bad I can taste it (so yes, to answer the standard follow up question,I can taste)
  3. I love Italian Horror Movies from the 60s and 70s. Most of all I love the zombie pics (think zombie flesh eaters, virgin amongst the living dead, the beyond, the house by the cemetary, dawn of the dead etc.) and the stalk and slash grindhouse stuff (like profondo rosso, suspiria and five dolls for an august moon) but the greatest film ever made by the greatest director that ever lived is the birds.
[Think]That's all I can think of. All that are worth reading anyway. Now the hard bit, who to tag? Think of the blogs you read dammit!...[/Think]

And the winners are... [Do]Open envelope[/Do]
  • Stefanie Hollmichel at So Many Books
  • if:book (because it deserves traffic)
  • and finally David Cameron (more to see if he responds or not. [Think]I'll need to post a comment as I doubt he reads this avidly[/Think])

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