Monday, November 17, 2008

Adding a Non-Eclipse Project to Jazz SCM

IBM's new Jazz platform works most intuitively when you're in an all-IBM world.  We're not in that world on my current project and were having to find our way a little (with excellent support from IBM).  Here's how to share a non-Eclipse project with Jazz SCM.

Pre requisites: I'm assuming you have some stuff in a filesystem you want to share.
  1. Download and unzip the RTC Client for your operating system - its any of the "Zip > Client" files under "Express-C", "Express" or "Standard".  They're all the same.
  2. Startup the RTC eclipse client - e.g ./RTC-Client-1.0.1-Win/jazz/client/eclipse/TeamConcert
  3. Switch to / open the Java Perspective (Window > Open Perspective > Other... > Java)
  4. Switch to the Package Explorer View (if you can't see it open it by navigating to Window > Show View > Other... > Package Explorer)
  5. In the Package Explorer View (it should have opened in the left hand pane.  If not, open it by going to Window > Show View > Package Explorer) ...
  6. ... and right click in it and select New > Other
  7. In the dialog which appears type "Project" and select General > Project which should be visible
  8. Click "Next"
  9. Enter a project name (the name of the folder containing the files which you want to share is good)
  10. Leave the "Use default selection" ticked.  This will mean the project is created in your RTC workspace.  If you want it to be elsewhere, untick this and Browse to where you want it to be.  NOTE: we will be copying your project into this Eclipse project so don't point straight at the project you are going to share
  11. Click "Finish"
  12. You should see your newly created project in the Package Explorer View
  13. Right click on the new project in the Project Explorer and select "Import..."
  14. Type "file" in the text box and select General > File System which should be visible
  15. Click "Next"
  16. Click on "Browse" and select the folder containing the content you wish to share
  17. In the right hand pane, tick all of the contents of the folder you with to share.  Make sure the folder itself is not ticked.  You already have a folder with the same name you are importing into
  18. Click "Finish"
  19. Once the import has finished, expand your project in the Package Explorer and check that what you have imported is there.  You may have to press "F5" with your project selected to refresh if things are not visible
  20. Now you can share your project.  Right click on the project in the Package Explorer and select "Team > Share Project ..."
  21. Select "Jazz Source Control" and click "Next"
  22. Select a component to associate this project with.  (NOTE: See the Jazz docs for more detail on what a component is.  If you need to you can create a Component at this point in the process.  We'll assume that the components available include one which you want to use.) Click "Next" when you're done
  23. Tick the "Show all resources" checkbox and check that all the files you want to share are shown.  If you want to exclude files, you can select them and click the "Ignore" button.  Alternatively you can set a new pattern.
  24. Click "Finish"
  25. Switch to the "Pending Changes" view. (If you can't see it go to "Window > Show View > Other..." and select "Jazz Source Control > Pending Changes")
  26. Expand the workspace that you shared your project into.  You should see a folder called "Outgoing"
  27. Right click on "Outgoing" and select "Deliver"
  28. Congratulations! You've shared your project.


Les said...

Did you try using linked folders to leave the resources in their legacy location? If you did, is that someting that Jazz doesn't like or did you discount it because it's less clean (e.g. cross platform issues if you don't use path variables).

Andrew Law said...

Cheers Les,

To be honest I wasn't even aware of the possibility of doing this (linked folders). I'll check it out and update the post if it makes things simpler.