Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kill Your Computer

I mean it. Kill it. It's probably on its last legs anyway. Then get a new one and see how much you've lost. Didn't I tell you to backup before you wielded the sledgehammer? Sorry.

My laptop died yesterday. What with a previous entry about how great life was with all your stuff online now was the time to test it out. Job 1: Dowload Firefox. Job 2: Get Google Browser Synch up and running. Job 3: Get my favourite extensions and I'm up and running.

Its interesting to me to see what else I felt I had to install to be productive. For me this was the following:
I was up and going in 2 hours (Slight aside: If I had Eclipse rather than Netbeans how long would this have taken? A lot longer). Now at th emoment I think that's pretty cool. What would really make my day would be if Google Browser Synch remembered which of my bookmarks were on my toolbar and what firefox extensions I used. Oh, and a web based version of Thinking Rock would be great too. I can but hope...

NOTE: If you want to kind of feel like what its like to lose everything just run Windows Cleanup - I lost loads of old files which MSFT deemed no longer important. :-( That'll teach me.

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